Scan Only

The EFILive Scan Tool enables you to monitor the ECU (Engine Control Unit) in real time. The tool's easy setup and wide array of tools make data collection easy. That data along with data from the external inputs for up to two wide band oxygen controllers and an exhaust gas temperature probe give you the information you will use to make tuning far easier than you've probably ever imagined. And as you continue to modify your car the EFILive scan tool will help you find how to modify the tune to perfectly match the modifications you've made. Simply put, EFILive has the best, most flexible scanner on the market. Why not use the right tool for the job?

The EFILive scanning tool has the following features:

  • Scan up to 96 separate items at one time
  • Scan up to 24 separate items at one time in high speed mode
  • Select what to scan from over 350 parameters ("PIDs") or create your own. Name and Save PID selections for faster and easier setups
  • Bi-directional controls allow you to control certain PCM functions in real time
    • Initiate crank position sensor relearn
    • Control timing, either absolute or additive
    • Control commanded AFR
    • Force the transmission into chosen gears
    • Turn dash lights on or off
    • Run a cylinder balance test
    • Control reverse lockout and skip shift solenoids on an M6
    • Control radiator fans
  • Display the logged data in customizable dashboards or in real time graphs
  • Create custom maps (or use existing ones) to analyze your current tune and help you make decisions about what needs changing to reach your optimal tune
  • Read and clear codes and check engine lights
  • Turn off tests for unneeded check engine lights