We support our resellers so that they can take care of their customers.

But don't just listen to us. Listen to THEM.

You are the Queen of Switches, thank you so much. Hope you and Ira have a good 4th weekend!!!
- Mark Craig, Diesel Performance Parts, Inc.

Awesome. You're the greatest! 
- Mitch Cooper, Coopers Custom Solutions

Awesome, thank you so much!  You are the best.
- Jacquelyn at Calvinsonline/Diesel Reseller

Hey Robyn I ordered a fish tuning dual cp3 controller for a 2004.5 Cummins truck. Also just wanted to throw in that Ira has been EXCELLENT help. Never in my life have I tried to buy a product and the seller try to convince me to do more testing before wasting my money on his own product. Great customer service and all his help has been very appreciated. Thanks again! 
- Bryce Day

Thank you ma’am.  FYI you have amazing customer service.
- Clay Bedrick, C&C Tuning & Performance

Thank you for the help and great customer service.
- Corbyn C.

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! I appreciate your help greatly!
- Kyle K.

Awesome,  thank you Robyn!  I appreciate your great customer service.  Have a good day.
- Michael M.

You're the best! Thanks as always!
- Patrick Pascale, Pascale Performance Diesel

I just wanted to let you know, I was able to make it home this weekend and the decals were there. Thank you so much for taking the time on this, even though it was something so small. It really shows the great level of customer service you have.
- Malcolm S.

As always, thank you for your amazing and prompt service!
- Kevin Adams, Alpha Tuners

Thanks for your help today, nice talking w/intelligent customer service like yourself.
- Bill Kinsey

Thank you, Robyn! I appreciate all of your help! And Ira too! You all are the best!
- David Frazier

It was great chatting with you. You were super helpful and I appreciate it. Can't wait to try the switch out!
- Jason Buck

Matt and I are looking forward to working with you guys. Top notch customer service. 
- Kelley and Matt at Camomax Racing

Hi Robyn, what can I say other than "YOU ROCK!" I truly appreciate your help and support as well as your patience with me.
- Dan Maslic, Masport Speed Shop

Thanks Robyn! Appreciate the support! 
- Howard Tanner, Redline Motorsports

you guys rock !!!!!! the service yesterday was amazing !!!! thanks a lot. 
- Rolo Lopez, CFT Shop (Central Florida Turbo Shop)

Thank you for the speedy customer care! 
- Nathan Schaldach, All Out Performance Fresno, CA

Thanks a million for all the help! 
- Tyler Radewald, Punisher Performance

You guys are the best! 
- Jim Latta, Upstate Diesel Performance

Thanks so much, you guys rock. 
- Ryan Etchart, Trax Customs

Thank you for your help today! Another DSP5 out the door ;) 
- Jonathan Jones, Dyno Proven

I have had nothing but top notch service and support from you and Robyn. Thanks again for all the help today. 
-LSX Power Tuning

Stuck with a 2011 CTS-V strapped to the dyno and a EFILive® cable that was inoperable, Ira provided same-day service to get us back up and running as fast as possible.  Service like that is rare these days and we truly appreciate it.
- Dave Blundell, Easy Street Rides and Rods / Modular Depot

I'm looking forward to doing business with you and Ira. It's been a pleasure talking to both of you.
- Corey Clayton, Clayton Racing Engines